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India dances to the rhythms of a million rural feet. Without formal training in dance, unaware of classical traditions, mostly unlettered and totally unfettered, the innocent dancers of the villages of India dance because they must. There is no reason for their dance, except a desire to celebrate life. Unlike dancers rigorously groomed in the classical genres, the folk dancers have no agenda of attaining glory or greatness, no hope of awards or rewards, no experience of commendation or adulations. 

Bollywood dance is easy on the eye. Dramatic facial expressions and cinematic pizzazz means any viewer, dance
aficionado or not, can follow the story. But beneath the fizz is a series of historic symbols and traditions, which
originate in India's numerous traditional dance forms. Classical dance forms such as  Bharatnatyam and Kathak, Each have their own unique styles, but they often share signs and meanings that arencombined to create modern Bollywood dances.
Classical Indian dance incorporates two basic elements - abhinaya (expression) and nritya (pure dance). Nritya is
displayed through rhythms and physical movements to musical phrases - it is dance in its purest form. Abhinaya is
rooted in expressions and emotions, and aims to bring life to the story behind the dance. Mudras are a separate set of
hand gestures used across a number of classical Indian dance forms. These are very important if you want to be a
Bollywood dancer, you have to know the basics. The neck movement is predominantly an aesthetic part of the
dance, but it also adds a sense of fluidity.

DOONYA Dance is Bollywood inspired fitness workout. Doonya aspires to be the globally accessible fitness lifestyle for women and their families that instills confidence in body and mind, energizing them to be sources of joy to all who surround them.Through Bollywood-inspired movement, we blend science and art with awareness and expression. We stand at the intersection of Eastern and Western outlooks on wellness, celebrating the oneness of all cultures.

One world, one Doonya Doonya Dance is founded by Ritu's daughter, Priya Pandya.  

UPCOMING 2023 Events:
Yoga & Movement class every Tuesday 8 AM 
Happiness Within studio or virtual on FB messenger

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